Located in the southern area of Peru, Arequipa (also known as the White City) indulge visitors with its impressive architecture, warm people and great food.

Arequipa has many attractions to offer in town and out of the city where two of the deepest canyons of the world are located: The Cotahuasi canyon and Colca canyon. The last one is the most popular due to the infrastructure that supports tourism is well developed.

Must visits:

  • Historic city center (Cathedral, Santa Catalina Convent)
  • Andean Sanctuary Museums (home of Juanita mummy)
  • The farms and Sabandía
  • Colca canyon and its towns: Yanque and Chivay, including Cruz del Condor (where it is possible to observe Condors flying over the mountains).
Address Peru:
Urb. Lucrepata E-16, Cusco - Peru
Telephone numbers:
CALL CENTER:  +51 84 231710
USA Phone:  +1 720 2120813

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