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Cajamarca - Milla Turismo

Is located in the northern highlands of Peru and is the capital of the Cajamarca region. It is approximately 2,700 m (8,900 ft) above sea level and has a population of about 217,000 people. Cajamarca has an equatorial climate so it is mild, dry and sunny, which creates very fertile soil. The city is well-known for its cheeses and dairy products. It is also known for its churches, and hot springs, or Inca Baths. There are also several active mining sites in surrounding areas. Most of all, Peruvians remember Cajamarca as the place where the Inca Empire came to an end; the Battle of Cajamarca and the capture, abuse, and murder of the Incan emperor Atahualpa took place here.


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General Information:

Extension: 35,417 km2

Capital:  Cajamarca

Population: 1’336,000 habitantes

Altitude: 2,750 m.s.n.m

Climate: Subtropical highland , 14 degrees Celsius during the day.

Typical Food: el picante de cuy con papa, el chicharrón con mote, las humitas, el chupe verde, cecinas shilpidas.