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Cusco – Destinations of Perú

Photo: Maria Teresa Milla

Cusco is located in the eastern slope of the Andes Mountain range, in the basin of the river Huatanay. It is the capital of the Department of Cuzco and it was the capital and headquarters of the government and the Empire of the Incas, it continued to be the center after the Incas, turning into the most important city of the Andes and of South America. This centralism gave Cusco its importance and turned it into the principal cultural area and axis of the religious worship.

It is atributed to Pachacutec that Cusco became the political and spiritual center. He rise to power in 1438, as well as his son Tupac Yupanqui, and dedicated 5 decades to the organization and conciliation of the different tribal groups under their dominance, among these groups where the lupacas and the collas. During their government the empire reached Quito (today Ecuador) to the north, and the Maule river (in Chile) to the south. In this way they connectedthe habitants that lived inside the 4500km of mountain ranges, culturally.

It is also believed that the original design of the city is the creation of Pachacutec. The plan of old Cusco has the shape of an outlined puma, with the main square “Huacaypata” as its Chest. The head of the feline is located in the hill where the fortress of Sacsayhuamán is.

The architecture was organized in a way that the four regions of the empire coincide in Cusco’s main square. The main agricultural resources are corn, barley, quinoa, tea, and coffee. In minery; gold and silver outstands and in energy, Natural Gas.


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General information

Extension:71,9 mil squared kilometers

Capital:  Cusco

Population: 1 171.403 habitants.

Climate:  The weather is cold and dry from May to December and rainy in the months of January to April. The average temperature in the capital is 12 °C The maximum 18 °C  and the minimum around 4 °C. In the jungle is tropical hot.

Altitude in the capital: 3400 m.a.s.l.

TypicalFood: Timpu o Puchero, Chuno Cola, Rocoto Relleno, Pepian de Cuy ,Kapchi, Chicharron con Mote, Humitas, Tamales, Sara Lawa, Adobo, Olluco con Carne