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Lago Titicaca - Puno - Milla Turismo

Photo: Maria Teresa Milla


This city is located in the south east of Peru, in the shore of Lake Titikaka, where we will discover the ancestral traditions of the population, who live especially in the islands.

According to the Urus tradition they run away from the Incas Empire persecution finding refuge in the lake, for this purpose they built artificial islands in the lake using a native plant called “totora”. In this way the life of the floating islands in Peru begun.

We will also discover the textile art of “Taquile”, declared by the UNESCO “master piece of the oral and intangible patrimony for humanity. Due to the ancestral traditions that still nowadays are preserved for the manufacturing of the articles.

It is also known for being the capital of the Folklore, where we can appreciate the variety of the dances in the festivity of the Virgin “la Candelaria” every February 2nd, where the fervor of the habitants is felt.


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Información general

Extensión: 1.566,64km2

Capital:   Puno


Altitud:  3800 m.s.n.m

Clima: La temperatura es muy variable, con marcadas diferencias entre los meses de junio y noviembre y con oscilaciones entre una temperatura promedio máxima de 21 °C y una mínima de -15 °C.

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