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Río Paranapura - Tarapoto - Milla Turismo

Foto: Paolo López

San Martin (Tarapoto)

It is a city located in the northeast of Peru, next to the river Shilcayo. It is one of the main touristic and commercial cities on the Peruvian Amazon. To think of Tarapoto is to think of Palms. The visitors will be able to enjoy the scenery, flora, fauna and impressive water falls.

The Cumbaza spa, the archeological sites and petroglyphs of “Polish” (with plant and animal motives), the waterfalls of “ahuashiyacu” and the “Venecia” lagoon; are only some of the many interesting places.


Tours en Tarapoto

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General information

Altitude: 330m.a.s.l.

How to get there: By bus 1,497 km. away from Lima passing through Chiclayo (22 h., ), and one hour away from Lima by plane.

Climate: Warm, the average temperature is 26.7º Celsius. The maximum is 33.5º and the minimum is 21º, it has a relative humidity of 78.5%, 80% the maximum and 77% the minimum.