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Trujillo, La Libertad – Destinies of Perú

Trujillo, La Libertad - Milla Turismo

Photo: Paolo López

It is located northwestern Peru, is the capital of the La Libertad Region, and the third largest city in Peru, located on the banks of the Moche River, near the Pacific Ocean.
This city is known as (The City of Eternal Spring), because of its sunny and pleasant weather year-round. The International Spring Festival in early October attracts visitors from all over Peru and the world.

Tourism is a major industry in Trujillo due to the city’s proximity to important sites where the Moche and Chimu civilizations evolved. These civilizations had highly skilled artisans, and many of their artifacts having been found during archaeological digs in the city.


Tours in Trujillo

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General Information:

Extension: 25,962Km2

Capital: Trujillo

Population: 1’539,744  hab.

Altitude: 34 m.s.n.m.

Climate: Average temperature of 21°C (70°F). The summers can reach temperatures over 32°C (90°F) and the winters are never colder than 14°C (57°F). Most of the year, the temperature stays in the low to mid twenties.

Typical Food: Seco de cabrito con frijoles, Pepián de pavo, Frijoles a la Trujillana, Cesina, Causa en lapa o leche de pantera, Cebiche, Pescado a la Trujillana.