One of the countries whose history and traditions combine best with the attractions of Peru, is Bolivia. Easily connectable by air or by land, Bolivia waits for traveler with open arms to discover:

  • Copacabana, a small picturesque town located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, famous in South America for the veneration to the Virgin of Copacabana, its market of “alacitas” (small objects for lucky purposes) and its impressive processions.
  • La Paz, capital of Bolivia, the highest capital of America, 3,230msnm/10,662 fasl, waits to impress the travelers with its colonial architecture and rude topography with its greatest exponent: The Valley of the Moon. On the way to La Paz, it is also possible to visit Tiahuanaco, an interesting archaeological complex, where the Sun gate lytic piece is the main attraction.
  • Uyuni is a small town that opens the way to a natural wonder, the Uyuni Salt flats, with the lagoons of different colors and the Stone Tree. Its beauty has no equal, allowing to make a route that can optionally include the border crossing to Chile, until arriving at San Pedro de Atacama (northern area of Chile).
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