Whether accessing by air or land, Chile is a country characterized by a thin coastal strip, which is projected eastward until reaching the Andes.

  • Santiago de Chile, the capital is a very organized and cosmopolitan city, highlights the visits to its historic center, Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. It is also possible to visit beautiful vineyards where wine tasting is the main attraction.
  • To the north is located San Pedro de Atacama, a privileged place for astronomical observation in one of its very well equipped planetariums and the geothermal exploration in the Geyser del Tatio that present fumaroles of steam produced by the high temperatures of its watery craters. It is also possible to visit the hot springs of Puritama, the fort of Quitor and the Ruins of Tulor.
  • Accessible only by air you can visit Easter Island in the region of Polynesia, formerly inhabited by the Rapa Nui people, where a combination of enigmas and legends with exotic beaches of pink sand are the perfect attraction of the traveler seeking culture and fun.
  • Towards the south of Santiago rises Region de los Lagos (the region of the lakes) that allows a crossing that dates back more than 400 years and used by the Hilliche people for its activities of commerce and later on the Jesuit priests for their work of catechization in the region of Nahuel Huapi. This crossing allows the traveler to connect with Patagonia, to observe majestic volcanoes, forests and lakes until arriving at Bariloche, in Argentina. An unforgettable trip for nature lovers, expecting fun and adventure sports.
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