Greetings from Peru!

Please let me introduce MILLA TURISMO, a tour operator based in Cusco, Peru, South America with over than thirty years in the tourism industry.

We consider ourselves pioneers in the development of tourism in Peru.

Our growth & development was based on a deep knowledge of our culture and product, and the hard effort grounded in the philosophy of team work.

Our capacities as tour operators go beyond the immediate labor, making us the ideal team to attend and satisfy the diverse interests of the worldwide travelers.

We have developed our own business model by creating a family network of products in order to spread the philosophy and culture of the Andes:

We aim to work under the concept of quality and hospitality with a commitment of personalized service to our customers, respect towards our partners, customers, colleagues and employees.

Hence, we reach the global markets with a committed team, a great product, and an amazing main destination: PERU and our neighbor countries that combine the essence of Peru perfectly.

We will be honored to welcome you as guests of South America.


Carlos Milla Vidal, President

Address Peru:
Urb. Lucrepata E-16, Cusco - Peru
Telephone numbers:
CALL CENTER:  +51 84 231710
USA Phone:  +1 720 2120813

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