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Sister Companies

A part of our vision in Milla Turismo, we have decided to create some other projects focusing on the most relevant aspects of the tour business in Peru: Culture & Hospitality.

Planetarium Cusco:

A unique opportunity to witness “The oldest performance of all times” (A night sky observation)
This is a center where we have prepared a unique experience for our customers:
We start the visit with an introduction to the approach the ancient peoples of Peru had towards the skies. Their understanding of the Universe and its cycles. We as human beings are part of the Universe, and therefore we need to behave accordingly plan all our activities, and observe carefully “the signals of the universe”.
We follow with a virtual presentation (we project over 5000 stars) In this place you will be able to learn about the southern skies, and Inca constellations.
Later, we have an “stargazing experience” using modern 10 inches telescopes.

Planetarium Cusco aims to be more than a cultural center, more than an observatory, we provide the opportunity to feel ourselves as part of the universe and share with our visitors this educational experience, both inspiring and entertaining.


Los Aticos B&B :

A budget lodging option, located in Cusco´s downtown, provides families and young group travelers great opportunity to share a safe, clean and cozy lodging, at most reasonable rates.
All rooms have private bathroom, and access to cooking facilities.
We provide double and twin rooms as well as apartments, totally furnioshed.


Casa San Blas boutique hotel.

We chose to built our hotel adapting an old 18th century colonial-style house in the historic artisan’s quarter of San Blas in order to provide our guests with a sense of Cusco´s magnificent history.
The restoration of a modest merchant’s house was achieved without sacrificing the pleasing proportions of what had once been a family home. We retained and even recovered elements of the original design, and incorporated other elements we unearthed during the work – including original Inca masonry – to create a unique style.


La Princesita Eventos

The property of Francisca Pizarro Yupanqui, (Daughter of the conquistador and the sister of Atawallpa the Inka captured in Cajamarca) She was once the richest woman in the Word. This center for events and restaurant is located in the vicinity of the Inka temple of Saqsaywaman, The interpretation of both: The history of the early time of the conquest of Peru, and the process that lead our blood to mix and therefore develop a unique personality with the best from both worlds.
This center provides the visitor the opportunity of tasting the best of the Inka cuisine and also the European, with a blend of colors and flavors www.laprincesitaeventos.com


Peru Hands On

We focus on tailor-made trip design and also “hands on experiences”. We pursue that the trip will not only be a memorable one, but the traveler will share the day life of the Peruvian hosts.

Our expertise is at your disposal to design the trip of your dreams. We will fit in your budget, time and special interests.
Just relax and leave it in our hands! www.peruhandson.com