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As local operators our desire is to make the experience we earned along the years, available for the travelers. And we want to do it in a sustainable way, by encouraging them to understand and participate in the culture by interacting with the local habitants.

The idea is to provide the visitors a catalog of fun and experiential descriptive activities, from which they can choose. The catalog includes private and shared services for tours every day, with a specific theme for each day, at each destination.

The itinerary should be defined before the guests arrive to Peru. We recommend at least 15 days in advance, so we can be ready for their adventure in the Land of the Incas



Traveling is a gift, and combine the opportunity to travel with performing any kind of social work gives to a trip, a meaning.

Some areas of South America are suitable to do social work and volunteering, specially those areas where poverty indicators are critical.

In fact, it is better to do volunteering in well organized places. First because they will ensure you a full experience based in true commitment, and second because in case there is any special situation you need to deal with, they will take care of it.

There are many places where volunteers are requested, but only some are formally approved.

Some examples of institutions/organizations you can do volunteering are the mentioned in this site, but of course they will always depend on the travelers’ personal interests and sometimes previous preparation:

  • Public schools
  • Public hospitals
  • Fire companies
  • Orphanages
  • Non-governmental institutions

We can always find the best and suitable place for the visitors in order to cover his/her expectations.

It is important to consider not expect any kind of monetary compensation for the volunteering work. Basically volunteers are accepted to cover opening positions that there is not budget for.


Cooking Classes in Peru

The boom of the Peruvian gastronomy in the world, attract numerous visitors to learn the secrets of the Peruvian cuisine.

The fresh ingredients from all over the country together with the influence of the indigenous, European and Asian cooking techniques make of the Peruvian gastronomy, diverse, cheeky, delicious and exciting.

In most of the main destinations of the country, there are interesting alternatives to get involved in a culinary adventure.

This experiences start with a visit to the market where the visitors can try different fresh products and buy the ingredients of the meal they will prepare by themselves, with the personal advice of a Peruvian chef who will explain the preparation of each dish.

As Peruvians value very much the eating experiences, the cooking class also includes the preparation of an aperitif like Pisco Sour, our national drink based on lime juice and Pisco to accompany the meal, becoming in a truly adventure of flavors.

As the culinary specialties come from different parts of the country, no matter where the cooking class is taken, there will be always a special dish to surprise the senses.

Most of the popular destinations to take cooking classes are:

  • Lima, where the dishes will be inspired in sea food.
  • Cusco, where corn, potatoes, legumes and quinoa may be the main ingredients.
  • Arequipa, where the chili fruits and the different kinds of stew will be highlights of the meal.

Upon request special meals can be arranged for the class: vegetarian and vegan options are also available.


Renew your marriage vows

The inhabitants of The Andes, following their traditions, consecrate their marriage to the Pachamama or Mother Earth in a special ceremony.

This is a manifestation of the living culture of our people.

This ritual starts by using incense and flower essences to “clean” the couple, as a symbol of the beginning of a new life.

Immediately, an offering to the Pachamama is prepared as a sign of gratitude for the blessings she provides us every day, including the joy of having reunited the couple.

Several elements make up the offering: seeds, sweets, flowers, colored wool and others representing the Andean world. Also metals, animal fat and offerings in drinks (sweet wine, for example)

The celebrant is a shaman, an Andean sage, who will perform prayers and petitions for the couple celebrating their union.

Couples actively participate in the ceremony and if close relatives are present they also ask for the welfare of the couple and their descendants.

This is a symbolic ceremony of great significance in the Andean world that some travelers are encouraged to perform to commemorate their anniversary and/or renew their marriage vows.

The ceremony takes place in Quechua, our native language and an interpreter is involved in case the particpants do not speak the language.

We recommend to choose these celebrations either in Cusco or the Sacred Valley where we can provide you the best locations and infrastructure at:

These ceremonies can be arranged only for the couple, or can include relatives and friends.


Your wedding in Cusco?

For many couples, nothing is more important than having a dream wedding.

Choosing the right place and date are some of the decisions that can ensure the success of the wedding, as well as to choose the theme according to the tastes or interests of the bride and the groom.

Everything counts when getting that special day become reality and transform into wonderful memories, photos and videos.

Some couples prefer to marry at home surrounded by all the family and friends; and others would prefer to do so in more intimate ceremonies.

Those are the couples who would choose to marry away from home, inviting only the close family and dearest friends, so that everyone has the opportunity to combine a beautiful motive with an unforgettable vacation.

At MILLA TURISMO, we will be more than happy to help to organize everything needed for an ideal wedding.


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