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We are passionate for travel!

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Over 35 years in the market support our work creating special travel experiences, acting with responsibility and professionalism in front of visitors and the local community.

Nothing is more important than making our visitors feel that their travel experience begins with a kind and genuine contact that honors our Peruvian hospitality.


We are not a travel agent

Surely it will surprise you to know that we do not consider ourselves as a Tour Operator or a Travel Agent. We are ambassadors of our culture because we practice a genuine hospitality.

We are the best local contact that you can have because we will do everything to offer you information about what happens at the destination and the products you are interested in, to help you make any arrangement even if it is not part of your travel program and to assist you in everything you need, even if it is to take care of you if you get sick.


We understand the expectations of the traveler

We know that trust is granted at first and respect is earned by exceeding the service expectations.

We also know that security is key when traveling to an unknown country or destination; that is why we take care of keeping you permanently informed, recommending the best complementary activities so you can enjoy your stay and accompanying and assisting you when you need it most.


Our customers, repeat trips with us

Peru and South America is a region where there is so much to know and enjoy that a single trip is not enough, so our travelers repeat their trip with us on several occasions in the same or similar destinations. We also have a high rate of clients referred by travelers who have shared their travel experience with friends and family and decide to entrust us to their loved ones.


We have more than 35 years in the market

Surviving in a market as competitive as service is not easy, especially in the Travel business. There are thousands of travel agencies in the main tourist destinations of the world. Each one creating competitive advantages and presenting itself as the best option for the traveler.

Our business model is different, instead of growing vertically with an unmanageable number of workers, large buildings and expensive media advertising, we have grown horizontally. We have created a business network that serves our own clients and the clients of other business partners.

We have three business lines: Travel, Hospitality and Cultural Experiences.


We live our philosophy

We firmly believe that there are at least three elements to be successful in business:


Urb. Lucrepata E-16, Cusco - Perú
+1 720 2120813
+51 084 231710