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Incan walls, colorful costumes, sacred valleys, impressive architecture, palaces built on top of Inca temples, legendary trails, traditions, native art, are some of the attractions that Cusco hides within the city.

Its huge historical wealth made this city, the “Archaeological Capital of America” and Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

Few minutes away from the city there are impressive archaeological remains that catch the eyes of the visitor due the beauty of its architecture and perfect harmony with the natural scenery.

One of the most important referents for travelers around the world is Machu Picchu, a special place where during the ancient times only the nobility was aloud, after a pilgrimage of several days to prepare the body and soul. With an extension of almost 325km2 and an altitude of 2,400msnm / 7,872fasl, Machu Picchu, a sacred Inca citadel is the star of the attractions of Cusco, nowadays one of the new modern Seven Wonders of the World.

The southern valley of Cusco is also a great area to visit where it is possible to admire remains of pre-inca cultures like Pikillacta, visit mestizo and thematic towns with colonial baroque churches and other attractions like: Oropesa, the town of the bakers; Piñipampa, town of the roof tiles and Andahuaylillas famous for its colonial church, also known as the Sistine Chapel of America, among others

Cusco is an ideal destination to discover at your own pace.

Do not hesitate to visit its museums, local markets, traditional neighborhoods, enjoy its coffee shops and indulge yourself with the Peruvian and local cuisine. Interact with its kind people and support the local economy by demanding quality when buying souvenirs.

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