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CASA SAN BLAS BOUTIQUE, hotel in CuscoCasa San Blas Boutique opened its doors in 2003 and became the first boutique hotel in Peru.It is located in the heart of the historical center of Cusco, in the area known as the artisans’ quarter, just 2.5 blocks from the Plaza de Armas, where art galleries, souvenir shops and artisan workshops welcome visitors to show their art and immerse them in the syncretism of the Inca and Spanish cultures.

We are proud to have achieved a product with high quality standards, which finally translates into a harmonious architecture with the surrounding space, comfort and safety for guests, personalized treatment, cultural added value in the decoration of the hotel and we are proud to be a referent of social and environmental responsibility for other companies in the industry.

We have more than a decade in the market, with thousands of satisfied passengers who have built the prestige of Casa San Blas Boutique.

At Casa San Blas Boutique, we have eighteen rooms between standard, suite and a senior suite, a message rooms and a restaurant named Tika Bistro.

At Casa San Blas Boutique we offer:

  • Personalized service: Honoring our traditions and our culture, we ensure that our team is naturally friendly.
  • Cultural added value: We have incorporated the textile art in our decoration and each room has been named upon a traditional textile iconography, with and interpretation following the wisdom of the Andean weavers.
  • Excellent breakfast: Our guests appreciate the use of natural and fresh products. We also have our own blend of herbal infusions from our garden.
  • Respect for the environment: We try to reduce the use of paper and plastic. Our amenities are bio-degradable and we provide alkaline water to our guests, with no cost, avoiding the use of plastic bottles.
  • Free oxygen: For those guests who might have some issues getting used to the altitude.
  • Free internet: We offer a high speed internet service free of charge. We also have and internet corner for those guests who did not bring their own devices.


CASA COLIBRI ECOLODGE, in the Sacred ValleyCasa Colibrí Ecolodge is located in Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, on the way to the legendary Machu Picchu, offers a natural space built with the best material that Mother Earth can offer: adobe (mud bricks).

We chose the name of the house, in honor of the Qente (or Hummingbird in our Quechua language), because our gardens are common space for several species of them. This small bird that can astonish to anyone by the beauty of its colors and the speed of its flight, is protagonist of many Andean traditions.

Casa Colibrí Ecolodge is a 100% ecological oasis in the middle of the Sacred Valley, offering an unparalleled lodging experience. The houses that make up our eco-house are located around a large central garden with endemic vegetation of native trees, wild flowers, small water fountains, winding paths, perfumed pergolas and flower arches. It’s quite an adventure to stroll through the garden.

Casa Colibrí Ecolodge is a sustainable living project. This means doing everything possible to preserve the natural resources for the future generations.

We have 11 rooms with single, double, triple and family accomodation. We also have a yoga room, an organic garden and a club-house.

At Casa Colibrí Ecolodge we offer:

  • Walks in the garden.- Our gardens have endemic flora of the Sacred Valley which allows visitors to admire exotic flowers and other very simple ones that are appreciated by naturalists.
  • Visit to the organic garden.- Guests are invited to visit the orchard and help us choose the vegetables we will use for lunch or dinner.
  • Bird watching.- Having a pristine nature, the birds of the area are attracted by the scent of the flowers, the water troughs and the tranquility of our ecolodge to nest and flutter, offering the guests a spectacle that is priceless.
  • Yoga sessions.- For those guests who require an instructor, we can gladly provide one (at extra cost), as long as they let us know their requeriment with at least one day in advance.


LOS ATICOS B&B, in CuscoLos Aticos B&B is a new concept of hospitality that combines independence and family atmosphere.

We especially focus on our desire to develop an atmosphere of interaction and familiarity between guests of different nationalities and the local environment, where our staff becomes an important part.

The house rules include the free use of everything we put at our guests’ disposal. An equipped kitchen available 24 hours for hot drinks or a fruit. We also have laundry service.

Our guests receive the key of the door, for their greater comfort and they have at their disposal all the infrastructure and facilities of the establishment. Naturally we have staff during the 24 hours to assist the passengers in what they need.

Our location cannot be better. We are 3 blocks away from the Plaza de Armas (in the city center) in a narrow private street, away from the street noise.

We have eighteen rooms between standard (single and double rooms) and apartments that aloud double and triple accommodation.

At Los Aticos B&B we offer:

  • Coffee and infusions at no cost, during the 24hs a day.
  • Cable TV in the rooms
  • Electric heater (on request)
  • Common kitchen with gas stove, refrigerator, microwave available for passengers if they wish to prepare a meal.
  • Wi-fi in the rooms
  • Two computers with Internet access in the reading area.
  • Reading area, with access to books, where guests have spontaneously developed a system of exchange of novels and magazines.


LA CASONA PRINCESITA, events in CuscoLa Casona Princesita, events in Cusco, is a company dedicated to the organization of events and cultural experiences.

We have our own house located in the Private Ecological Reserve of Llaullipata, just in front of Sacsayhuaman overlooking the city (10 to 15 minutes away from the Plaza de Armas, in the city center).

This house was inhabited by the daughter of Francisco Pizarro and an Inca princess. The house has cultural value and has interesing facilities to host small and big events: lounge, dining room, gardens, organic garden and interpretation room.

Our strategic location is key to organize activities for visitors arriving to Cusco and traveling directly to Sacred Valley for their first night to aclimatized to the altitude. Our team is specialized in preparing the best alternatives for any type of meal.

Similar experience is arranged for those departing groups after staying overnight in the Sacred Valley and want to do an stop to visit Sacsayhuamán and have their Farewell meal just before their flight out of the city.

At La Casona Princesita, we offer:

  • Catering services for Brunch, Lunch, tea time and Dinners
  • Cocktails, wedddings and  parties
  • Corporate events
  • Thematic events
  • Cultural Experiences:
    • Offerings to the Mother Earth “Pachamama”
    • Coca leaf reading
    • Cooking classes (minimum 2 guests)
    • Andean Weddings (minimum 2 guests)
  • Wellness activities

At La Casona Princesita, events in Cusco, we have our own Museum dedicated to the Peruvian Gastronomy, where our guests will get a complete, useful and interesting explanation about agricultural calendars, weather phenomena, farming and harvesting ancestral techniques, the Andean traditions in honor to the Mother Earth “Pachamama”, and finally real examples of the contribution of Peru to the world’s nutrition through its seeds and roots.

We have experience organizing all kinds of events, managing dietary restrictions, all types of preferences and different budgets.




Planetarium Cusco is a cultural project, dedicated to the interpretation of the southern sky.

The experience starts upon arrival to the Planetarium, 10 to 15 min away from the Plaza de Armas. The visitors will participate of an explanation about Inca astronomy in the interpretation rooms, then will proceed to the dome (circular theater) where they will have a virtual projection of the southern sky and learn about the western and Inca constellations.

To end the experience, visitors will go to the gardens to observe stars, planets or either the moon through the telescopes with the assistance of the Scientific Director and our specialized team.

At Planetarium Cusco, we see the sky to connect with the universe, to dream and to listen to ourselves.

  • Regular shows: Monday to Saturday (17: 40hs pick up at Plaza Regocijo). The show is offered in Spanish and English
  • Private shows can be organized at anytime according to the visitors availability of  time within their travel program. For private shows we are able to arrange shows in any language, we only ask to get previous notice (at least 20 days prior to show).

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