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Renew your marriage vows

The inhabitants of The Andes, following their traditions, consecrate their marriage to the Pachamama or Mother Earth in a special ceremony.

This is a manifestation of the living culture of our people.

This ritual starts by using incense and flower essences to “clean” the couple, as a symbol of the beginning of a new life.

Immediately, an offering to the Pachamama is prepared as a sign of gratitude for the blessings she provides us every day, including the joy of having reunited the couple.

Several elements make up the offering: seeds, sweets, flowers, colored wool and others representing the Andean world. Also metals, animal fat and offerings in drinks (sweet wine, for example)

The celebrant is a shaman, an Andean sage, who will perform prayers and petitions for the couple celebrating their union.

Couples actively participate in the ceremony and if close relatives are present they also ask for the welfare of the couple and their descendants.

This is a symbolic ceremony of great significance in the Andean world that some travelers are encouraged to perform to commemorate their anniversary and/or renew their marriage vows.

The ceremony takes place in Quechua, our native language and an interpreter is involved in case the particpants do not speak the language.

We recommend to choose these celebrations either in Cusco or the Sacred Valley where we can provide you the best locations and infrastructure at:

These ceremonies can be arranged only for the couple, or can include relatives and friends.


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