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Traveling is a gift, and combine the opportunity to travel with performing any kind of social work gives to a trip, a meaning.

Some areas of South America are suitable to do social work and volunteering, specially those areas where poverty indicators are critical.

In fact, it is better to do volunteering in well organized places. First because they will ensure you a full experience based in true commitment, and second because in case there is any special situation you need to deal with, they will take care of it.

There are many places where volunteers are requested, but only some are formally approved.

Some examples of institutions/organizations you can do volunteering are the mentioned in this site, but of course they will always depend on the travelers’ personal interests and sometimes previous preparation:

We can always find the best and suitable place for the visitors in order to cover his/her expectations.

It is important to consider not expect any kind of monetary compensation for the volunteering work. Basically volunteers are accepted to cover opening positions that there is not budget for.

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